Monday, November 2, 2015

A Christmas Tale for all the year

The Magic of Christmas
The Magic of Love
Beautifully Illustrated Poems for Children and the Young at Heart. 
By Susan Brougher
Most adults retain childhood memories of Christmas, which seem, in retrospect. so much better than the memories made today. In this lovely illustrated book, Author Susan Brougher relates both memories past and present in a storytelling poem, which is both lively and cheerful. The meter is off a bit but not enough to detract from the beauty and charm of this book.
It's important for children to learn of the past while enjoying the present. The author puts the birth of Jesus into her poems, where He belongs this time of year. The subtle yet natural way that the author blends Christmas  with the night Christ was born is beautifully and tastefully done.Children will also love hearing about picking out real trees, instead of the poor imitations in today's world.Yet this poem teaches as well. We need to save the trees to protect them and the earth.
This is a book which encourages children from 2-7 to ask questions. It's a perfect 'read to' book as well as for those just learning to read on their own--a book young ones will treasure throughout the year. Both  the poem and illustrations make this book a delightful story for adults of all ages, taking them back to memories of their own youth; bringing back a little of its magic
This is the type of Christmas my own children enjoyed and will be perfect for my grandchildren. There is something about Christmas past that is lacking in today's technological world. Author Susan Brougher brings it back to readers with a little 'fairy dust.'
I was presented with a copy of this book by the author for an honest, unbiased review.
Micki Peluso 



  1. Thanks for sharing this review with us, Micki.

    Sounds like a fun book to read and share with little children. From what you've shared, I was able to visualize children sitting around the Christmas tree all snuggled up listening to an adult reading this Christmas story.

    I hope one day to write a couple holiday books. Perhaps I'll give it a try once I retire.

  2. This sounds like a beautiful book to add to my collection. Christmas seems to get less homey and memorable all the time. Christ in Christmas is what matters most, although He should be there all year long. Thanks for the review, Micki, it makes me want to check it out! Love, Deirdre

    1. Dierdre, your little beauty might like this. While reading it it reminded me of the first book you wrote and my review of it. It has the same love and charm.

  3. This sounds like an amazing book and I feel like I need to read it one day. Thank you for sharing this wonderful opinion, Micki.

    1. Thanks Aurora, I'm so glad you read it---it will cheer you up as it did me and I have little to cheer lately--except the great news that Kim did not have lymphoma( wasted surgery), they got the lung cancer tumors out and are following up with chemo for the slight traces inthe lung lining. I can finally take a breath.