Sunday, October 18, 2015

Broken Places By Rachel Thompson--a must read

Broken Places
Rachel Thompson
Author Rachel Thompson believes that the ever-present shame of child molestation drastically alters what a child’s life might have become. In her outstanding candid book, she suggests through education, often poignant essays and poems, just how devastating sexual abuse is—particularly to a child. It rips the psyche right down to the soul.
She takes you on a journey through her own life from the time she was eleven years old and bears her ‘shame’ in an effort to help other sufferers. The author pulls no punches, exposing every shard of agony she endured; from guilt, humiliation, rage, hate and a yearning for vengeance. This book is not a ‘tell all’ but a sharing of what she’s learned as she changed from victim to survivor. One essay on forgiveness is an especially interesting outlook.
Broken Places is not only a book for survivors but also for those who share their lives, helping them to more fully understand the depth of pain and myriad  physical symptoms and emotions borne daily by their loved ones. Yet even vigilant adults having been scarred sexually and emotionally themselves can miss what’s happening to their children and loved ones. I missed it and knew what to watch for. Children will hide their shame because they believe it’s their fault. And often continue hiding throughout their lives—lives that might have turned out so differently.
Each of the author’s essays address one issue and teaches the reader how to overcome the past horrors of their lives. There are some graphic scenes which may be upsetting but this well-written book by an author with excellent writing skills overcomes that by offering coping methods for the trauma of child molestation.
Rachel Thompson brings readers into her own life wholly. She explains the crippling and strange symptoms that may happen years later to a survivor. Personally, I was amazed and shocked by incidents I thought I’d ‘let go.’ This is definitely a book that readers will refer to often. It’s a rare book that is capable of explaining so aptly, yet with fortitude and compassion, the lonely nightmare of childhood sexual abuse. This one of them.
Those enjoying this book on so many diverse levels will want to check out Author Rachel Thompson’s award winning first ‘broken’ book, ‘Broken Pieces’ as well as her humorous books; ‘A Walk in the Snark,’ and her best selling, ‘Mancode.’

Micki Peluso; author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang


  1. My Dear Micki,
    This sounds like a book that I can use as a reference for my own research material in my books. I will check it out.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Pat, it is an extraordinary book.


  2. Thank you for another strong, true and powerful review, Micki.

    1. Thanks, Aurora, having been abused as a very young child, this was especially an eye opener for me.

  3. Great review, Micki. Sounds like a must-read! Sharing...

    1. Hi Bette, yes this is a book everyone should read, in order to watch for signs before the damage is done.


  4. Micki,

    It makes me so angry to learn of these sorts of things.
    I am happy however, we have people who are courageous enough to share with others. For this is strength and healing.

    My heart goes out, and I ask God for peace to those who have suffered at the hands of such nasty, sick individuals.


  5. Thanks, Cherry,
    People have no m idea how widespread this is and it's usually family members , friends and neighbors who create 'The Walking Wounded.'
    "Love, Micki