Friday, January 3, 2014

Not Your Odinary Detective Story


By James Secor

Amazon: Not Your Ordinary Detective Stories

Author James Secor’s unusual detective short stories are captivating, due in part, to seemingly mundane suicide and murder cases. His talent lies in his unique ability to show scenes in artful description with few words. Combined with action to move his tales, the reader is drawn quickly to his eclectic style.

Most of the stories take place in Liverpool, England, a perfect setting for his bizarre cases; most with no solutions, yet a testament to “ man’s inhumanity to man”, (Robbie Burns). Jim Secor writes “ out of the box”, a pleasant change from today’s typical formula detective stories with few surprises.

He outdoes the witticism and parody of Sherlock Holmes while maintaining a highly Poesque satiric thread woven throughout his work. Author Secor leaves a message in his stories reminiscent of Jonathan Swift, a satirical essayist, ( A Modest Proposal, 1729), addressing the societal ills during the potato famine in England.

Detective Lupee, (Loopy) and Sgt. Cassandra Dumqick ( Dum-chik ), pun intended, spend hours at a favorite pub, along with fellow detectives, discussing their odd cases, most with no conceivable answers. In these seven versatile, yet individualized stories the cases give thought to the premise that the true perpetrator is society--past and present--until humanity evolves into a higher plane of compassion and morality.

Reading the “ Afterlude “ before the stories will better enable lovers of mysteries, and all other readers, to observe the hidden agenda which flows throughout his work. This is no ordinary book, rather one that intellectuals and those who love a challenge, will cherish and be left wanting more.

Author James Secor succeeds in presenting a collection of short mysteries that are layered with suppositions and theories to boggle the most supple minds. His stories stretch the imagination in diverse directions . . . Leading readers to recognize the real solutions to his tales . . . or perhaps not.

Micki Peluso: Writer, Journalist and author of … And the Whippoorwill Sang


  1. Thanks Micki: This looks like a great read. I recently started reading a Swedish series by Camilla Lackburg. I'll put Secor's books on my to read list...B

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  3. Micki,

    I've not read any of Jame's books, but sounds like his detective stories are highly interesting.

    I'll bet my Mom would love his books. She use to love watching Perry Mason and Columbo -- back in the day.

    Thanks for sharing his writing style. Very clever writer - very interesting.

  4. Micki, thanks for sharing James with us. He is a very interesting person and author. Looking for a challenge to read-that's where you find his books the most entertaining.