Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Musings on the coming New Year with all it's promise.

The beautiful, lighted ball in Times Square has dropped, slowly, elegantly, a second at a time. A new year begins. I wonder how it would be if our lives were lived in the absence of structured time. There would be no past, or future, just the "now". Instead, we are subjected to the rhythms of time, living according to its laws.
ne thing we learn as children is that time seems to take forever, as we crave to grow up and test the waters of our future. Time appears to slow throughout young adulthood, then picks up speed aroung the age of fifty. It zooms forward just when many would prefer to slow down and savor the lessons learned.
It is either an enigma or cosmic joke that the huge tortoise can live one hundred and thirty years or more, with little purpose, while human life stops just about the time we gain the wisdom to enjoy and benefit from it. The Creator has a penchant for supreme irony. A tortoise gets one hundred and thirty years to munch on lettuce while humanity has about eigty or so years to begin to grasp the meaning of existence. Given a choice, I would probably not opt to chew greens for over a century, yet the tortoise aggrevates me--so much time to do nothing while I have so little time to do so much!
Each new year is magical in that it offers new beginnings, a chance to correct past mistakes, make resolutions for future projects and dreams. Resolutions, made in earnest, are not always kept, but it is important to make them for it proves the incredible ability of the human race to believe it can better itself. The tortoise just keeps looking for the next green leaf. Successful or not, the attempt to improve, correct, or make better choices is a good thing. It shows that we have not lost our inherent ability to dream, hope and attempt to perpetually improve our lives.
The year 2014 is upon us, a blank page waiting for us to write a new and exciting story. Let the first chapter begin. And let it be a best seller!!



  1. Happy and prosperous 2014 Micki...B

  2. Dear Micki, thank you for this post. It started out for me on the depressing side but changed midstream when you said "it proves the incredible ability of the human race to believe it can better itself." I had never once in my life thought of it that way. It gives me hope in a way, and it makes me smile. The best is yet to come! Love you, dear friend, Happy 2014. May God bless you abundantly! So good to see you back!

  3. My Dear Friend,
    Yes , 2014 is upon us and no one knows what it will bring; how it will affect our own lives. As a child, I always wanted to know things before they happened. In many ways I am still like that. When I read a book, I read the end of the book first, or when I go to the theater, I like to know how it will end before I see the start. There are so many changes in life. None of them secure. So, I have come to the conclusion that the only sure thing is God. The fact that he is the same yesterday, today, and forever gives me hope and courage to march on in the future.

    Happy New Year, My Love.