Monday, September 2, 2013

This is an award I share since two of my short fiction horror stories were included:
"The Death of the Spider" & "Out of Nothing".
I am honored and proud to be a part of "The Speed of Dark", an anthology published by Clayton Bye. His story and many others my followers know are part of this wonderful award winning book.

Reader's Favorite International Bronze Award for Fiction Anthology
The Speed of Dark
Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite

“The Speed of Dark” is a horror anthology of short stories written by an assortment of authors, and published by Chase Enterprises Publishing. Editor Clayton Clifford Bye states in his Introduction that “horror” means many things to different people. It can mean an intense feeling of fear or shock or disgust. It can mean terror, dread and fright. He quotes Lovecraft as defining horror as a profound sense of dread. He quotes Stephen King as identifying three levels of “scary”, terror, horror, and revulsion. In “The Speed of Dark” the editors were going for a different level of horror, they hand-picked 27 authors to craft “disturbing” horror stories. They succeeded admirably. Don’t expect to sleep well after reading this book. Some of these stories will stay with you for a long, long time, continuing to disturb you long after you have read them.

Many of the tales in this collection are superbly written. They also happen to be very disturbing. One can be forgiven for wondering about the mental state of some of these authors. But for a fan of horror, there is much to revel in within the pages of this compilation. I believe that every word used above to describe “horror” represents an emotion you will feel during the course of reading this book. Some of the stories have unexpected endings, which create the horror you will feel. Others start out with disturbing circumstances, and maintain that sensation of uncomfortable dread throughout. The editors at Chase Enterprises Publishing have tapped some brilliantly twisted minds to contribute to their anthology. In their effort to produce “disturbing” horror stories they have succeeded far beyond what I expected, even in spite of the introductory warning. Horror fans take note, “The Speed of Dark” is a book you must add to your library. Now.


  1. Congratulations! I will be adding this book to my "to read" list for sure.

  2. Congratulations to you and Clayton!

  3. This is a great review Micki - I'm not the biggest fan of horror, but one day... in particular when recommended by you, I will read it. :-) Thank you!

  4. Hi Peggy, it is a well, horrific book lol. Only read it if you like horor but most of it is psycholgical horror--mine are.

    Raani, the same thing I said to Peggy goes for you too. You can always read my short stories. It is a good book though--the kind of strange minds that you would like :).

    Deirdre, thank you so much,


  5. Micki, I am reading the book now and so far I have not been totally 'grossed out'! [teehee] I have so far enjoyed the twists and unexpected endings. Looking forward to reaching your stories :-)

  6. Great review, not a big horror fan, but definitely interesting.

  7. Thanks, these are more pschological that scary. Alfred Hitchock type but a few are weird.