Thursday, August 22, 2013

Love's Renewal

This is a poem of mistakes made, merging with hope for renewal

Love’s Renewal

Honey, I know I've lost your trust

And there's nothing I can do

To convince you of my undying love

After all that we've been through

Honey, if I could begin again, I would

And try harder to do the things I should

I yearn to see the love light in your eyes

As you release, and forgive all the lies

We've been together for so very long

The ties that bound us held strong

With the blind trust, so long gone

I can't fix all that went so wrong

Honey, let's pretend that we just met

Rebuild our love, our passion, step-by-step

And as we share the last years left

Let our love, our vows, be kept

All the past hurts waft away

As we greet each brand-new day

We are no longer who we were

As new love and passion come our way

We grasp it with newfound glee

Our souls melded as once before

The past is past — so let there be

A future bright as our hearts soar


  1. Wonderful and hopeful poem Micki...B

  2. Thanks, Brian,
    It kept running through my head and I finally wrote it down to make it go away. Out damn muse!!

  3. I really like this poem, Micki, keep it up!

  4. This is a beautiful and positive poem, Micki. I love it - and I do like the fluent rhythm of the lines in particular!!
    Well done!!

  5. Thanks, Deirdre and Raani. I've published a bit of poetry but I'm not a prolific poet. I write when I have something to say or when the muse gets in my head and refuses to leave until I write it.