Wednesday, October 3, 2012


by Micki Peluso

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Thoughts on what was, might have been and may perhaps retrun . . . sometime

Sometimes we seem at different poles
Northwinds blow across a frozen heart
While southern breezes boil the blood
Yet we are ever joined as one
Combustible, angry, confused and hurt
Feeling wrenching loss of familial love
Sometimes hurt festers like a canker sore
It wants to heal and yet it won't
Too much has happened to recant
Guilt picks away at closing scabs
And healing, coveted, will not be heeded
However much wanted and needed
Sometimes, so many sometimes
We yearn for days of yore
Life was simple, love unconditional
And trust as sweet as apple pie
Sometimes our lives seem to normalize
Until leaves wafting on uncertain winds
Drift away, leaving distrust behind
And the vicious cycle begins again
Sometimes I reminisce those days
And my heart quickens with yearning
An optimistic, eternal soul
Sees that love again reborn
And I can almost see it myself . . . sometimes


  1. It truly hurts when we miss someone with all our hearts, and we long for the days of 'yore'. But Micki, we have new beginnings and have been blessed to see a new day. We are not supposed to look back and stay there, but to look forward and run into what God has for today. You will see your angel again, I'm most sure. I love you!

  2. This was beautiful Micki. I admire you for all that you've been through and are still positive about life, even though we all know it has it's downfalls at times, overall it's a beautiful life.

  3. WOW, that was both poignant and powerful, Micki!

  4. Beautiful thoughs, Beautiful language. You really have a gift for putting feelings into words.

  5. Dear Deidre, Lori, Sandra and Peggy,

    Thanks so much for your kind comments, They boost me up when I doubt myself--which is often.I'm so lucky to have you as friends!!

    Love, Micki

  6. Hi Micki,
    This is a beautiful poem with lots of meaning in it. I can feel your longing and desires to recapture something that fades away and then comes back. Sometimes I experience the same things. I think we artists are given the ability to search and explore the depth and height of our emotions because we yearn for a completeness in our lives. We are blessed to have such yearnings, the sometimes asyou call it. These sometimes expressed through our own experience and our own eyes in our writing, poetry, music and other forms of art help us to reach out and touch others.
    I love your poem.
    Thank you my dear.
    Love you.