Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review: Ameca J. and the Revenge of Rex-Ultar

Ameca J. and the Revenge of Rex-Ultar
by Paul Xavier Jones
Book 2 of the Ameca J. Series
The second book of the Ameca J. Series begins with Professor Roberts, in London, trying to avoid questions by news reporters regarding his decision to abandon his post as Director. His large Hadron Collider nearly caused a black hole to open up from space. The evil Lord Bellatrix, High Priest of the Scelectus, was, according to him, only temporarily defeated by this setback.
Meanwhile Ameca J., in Mythrania, and her sister Fraya are mourning the loss of "The One”, their father, who was killed in the fighting during the battle between good and evil. Fraya, gifted with healing powers, cannot save her father, but she tells Ameca that Spirit told her he may be able to be brought back to life. Their dog Tilly, a Bichon Frise, rushes to the girls, stunned and confused by the news. They need to travel many weeks to the Grove of Shadows to find exactly how to bring their father back. As luck would have it, Artrayor, the elf, has brought the huge Dragon, Bethrenat, who is happy to fly them there.
The girls meet Menindus, in the Grove of Shadows only to learn that Ameca did not kill the Scelectus, even though she used her father's sword, Excalibur; and worse yet, it survived and is now on her world. Menindus proceeds to tell them that they must seek an artifact of great power to save their father — an artifact known on earth as the" Holy Grail."
The girls are off to their world, accompanied by the Magi Gravellux, the elf and Delar, a prince of Mythrania — won't their mother be surprised. Ameca J. is even bossier than usual and moody, causing her sweet-tempered sister to wonder why — not that it takes much to try her older sister's patience.
Fraya, named the" Flower" according to the prophecy, is sweet and practical, her good nature much like the gentle beauty of the flowers. Ameca, called" The Flame" has bursts of anger that spark like fire even as embers brew within her as she stubbornly refuses to lose either her father or this war between good and evil. Together, the sisters are well-fitted for the dangerous task awaiting them.
The group prepares to go back to the girls’ time and gather at the spot which they came through. The Spirit speaks through Fraya confirming this. This time Delar, the High Magi and the elf, Artrayor, will be experiencing a place as strangely different as the girls and their father did on Mythrania. But the same evil awaits them and they have little time to ponder over this as the Spirit touches upon each of them and . . . poof they are gone.
Once back, the girls’ powers are greatly diminished and Gravellux confirms there is only a small amount of magic on earth. The dog, Tilly, is unable to speak and is not happy about it. The High Magi reminds Ameca of the lessons in magic he taught her and soon to everyone's relief, Tilly can speak. Ameca’s fear of what to tell her mother is ungrounded since their mother is gone and Tilly's keen nose senses that she has been for some time. Seeing their friends’ reaction to the television world is funny, but the sisters worry for their mother is heavy on their minds. There are some hysterically funny scenes as the Wizard, elf, and Prince react to the modern world.
Once again, author Paul Xavier Jones writes a spectacular book, second of the Ameca J. Trilogy. His writing skills and characters in this amazing epic place him among the great fantasy writers of our time. Author Jone's startling, surprising and terrifying ending will send readers to his final book of the series, Ameca J and the Demon God of Mythrania.
Reviewer: Micki Peluso, writer, journalist, and author of And the Whippoorwill Sang


  1. I don't generally read fantasy, but I just may have to broaden my horizons and explore some fantasy novels--beginning with the first two in Paul's trilogy. Thanks for another wonderful review!

  2. Looks like a great read, Micki. Your reviews are very detailed so the reader knows if they would be interested--very helpful.