Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Think I Wrote a Limerick

I think I wrote a limerick, but I'm not sure.

There was a lass named Purella
Who bedded a very odd fella
But when he refused to wed her
She locked him in his own cellar
He wished then he'd never met her

There was and old house in Kentucky
That neighbors considered unlucky
When it kept falling apart
It's owners soon lost heart
And moved to a tent in the park

A man in Manhattan loved cats
The cats in his condo loved rats
For breakfast, dinner and a snack
The landlord said promptly to pack
Now finally the rats are intact

A teenager yearned for a pony
Wanted it for herself only
When her dad finally said okay
She mucked out the barn each day
Wishing she'd never gotten her way

A pair of brothers were unruly
Treating their friends quite cruelly
When finding themselves ignored
They grew lonely and bored
And promised to act above board

When the Mayor of New York
Thought all his plans would work
He banned all treats from their plates
His voters became quite irate
So he left to retire in Cork


  1. Funny! Your poems gave me a laugh. Thanks, Micki.

  2. I love them--actually, I LOVE everything you write!

  3. *grin*
    I don't know either whether or not it is a Limerick, but it's a great poem and I love it!! :-)

  4. Thanks, Sandt N., Deirdre, Sandy H., and Raani,
    I love limericks and could never get them right--not as easy as it looks and it follows a set formula--but I think I got close. My limerick master will let me know when he reads it on authorsDen.com-a great, free place to keep and show your works. You guys should check it out.


  5. Very funny! I'm giggling as I picture you onstage someplace reading these. Love them!

  6. Thanks, Peggy,

    I love limericks but never tried writing one. Actually I didn't quite make it. The first two lines must rhyme with the fifth line--next time I'll get it right.


  7. Ha! How fun! Well done, Micki!

  8. Hi,
    I love this limmerick. You have done an excellent job and again, I notice your humor, which I appreciate so much.

    I enjoyed it.


  9. Thanks, Linneann and Pat,

    I tend to write depressing poems so this was fun--not done right but fun!!
    Hugs, Micki

  10. Micki,
    You are so good you ought be in pictures! Another conquest for you. Congratulations.