Sunday, March 11, 2012

Interview and post with Judith Marshall

Today I’m happy to feature fellow author Micki Peluso, from Staten Island, New York. After a tragic accident, Micki wrote …AND THE WHIPPOORWILL SANG as a catharsis for her grief, salvation and for her sanity, as she and her husband learned to weep . . .to laugh . . .to grieve . . .to dance. This funny family memoir of love, loss and survival, can be purchased or ordered at any bookstore, on Amazon and other online bookstores.
I love to find out why other authors write. Below is Micki”s poignant essay on why she writes.

Writing is how I express the emotions not exposed through any other outlet. All the feelings that encompass my psyche, subconscious mind, and yes, even soul, must be written down on a large yellow legal pad with an Erasermate pen. This most sacred experience allows me to examine my feelings, to cope with the school of life. To pass the test.

Who and what I am and hope to become are evident in my stories. In romance, I am the character searching for love, in paranormal, I am the character facing his/her demons, real or imagined. Humorous stories disguise me in my character’s blase’ take on the foibles of daily living. In every story that I write, I am there.

My losses, sorrows, joys, loves and dreams are forever etched in print. They cannot exist without me, nor me without them. Yet, I do not write to live, or live to write. Writing helps me make sense of the drama called life. Writing soothes my soul, heals my sometimes broken heart. I will one day pass on to another realm, but my writing will be my epithet.

It is an avenue of escape in an uncertain, sometimes frightening world – where love is fragile, dreams shatter, hope is dashed, then renewed. Writing takes me through the dark tunnel to the awaiting light. Writing is not what I do . . . It is who I am.
Find out more about Micki and her writing here.

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