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Micki Peluso Interview
Micki Peluso, author of the moving memoir AND THE WHIPPOORWILL SANG, was sweet enough to take a few minutes from your very busy promotional and writing schedule to talk with us about life, writing and her new book. Thanks so much for answering some questions for us Micki. Tell me what brought you into this crazy writing world.
I always loved writing and when I was unable to attend college due to family problems, my stories went without me. They got good grades too! I kept a few journals raising my six kids, but didn't get serious about writing until a tragedy struck my family. At that time I wrote as a catharsis for my grief. The first short story of the accident was published first time out in Victimology: An International Journal, along with two related poems. Encouraged by that, I began writing slice of life stories, mostly nonfiction or based on the antics of my family. I sold a few short stories to small magazines, but was quickly shot down by rejections following my earlier success. I happened to send a story to my bi-weekly Staten Island newspaper and that led to a 26 year journalism career as staff writer for The Staten Island Register, doing my own commentary column, full page interviews and news coverage. I wrote regularly for the daily paper, The Staten Island Advance under a pen name, Malllie Woodham; finding a perfect outlet for my humous slice of life stories. I've sold a few horror and paranormal short stories to other newspapers, magazines, on-line e-zines and contests.
AND THE WHIPPOORWILL SANG is centered around the tragic death of your daughter, why did you decide to take a more upbeat spin with it?
I wanted this story to be a celebration of life rather than a eulogy of death. My daughter was a funny girl, who loved life and this book needed to reflect that.How did this book bring closure to you?
It was the culmination of a deathbed promise to my daughter that I would make sure that many would know her and that her life, through this book might have meaning. Tell me about your road to publication.
Like the short story version, it was almost magical. The publisher came to me and said that something spiritual came to her and said she was to publish my book, as it was a story that needed to be told. At the time It was not finished. I never queried, or submitted it anywhere and even avoided the dreaded synopsis! Lucky lady!!! Do you know how many writers hate you right now? LOL – only kidding, it’s nice to know there’s still magic in the world! Now that the book is on the shelves, what do you hope readers will get out of reading your story?
I hope that my readers will laugh, love, identify with and yes, maybe shed a tear or two--while sharing our journey through tragedy to the other side of sorrow.
Each year thousands of lives are lost or injured through DUI offenses. Each one was loved and has a story to tell. This book was written for each of them. And for those who loved them that they may know that they are not alone--I hope to leave them with a feeling of peace and respite from their own losses.
What inspires your writing?
Real people inspire me the most. I read fiction and have sold short fiction. I am trying fiction novel writing, but I love to write about real people, whose stories are stranger than fiction. I am writing several children's books as well, as a shorter entry into the world of fiction. What is your favorite part about writing?
I don't write to live or live to write. I write when I have something to say. I never sit and try to think up plots or stories. When they come to me--usually through an annoying muse, while enjoying a short, blissful cat nap--I sigh and throw the pillows and get up and write it down. Most of my stories are written that way. I enjoy editing, a good thing, since I am a terrible typist, and also rewrites, making a good sentence become a wonderful one.What do you like to read?
I read just about everthing, but especially love horror and paranormal from Stephen King and Dean Koontz, as well as historical Scottish romances, especially with time travel involved , like the Diana Gabaldon series. Harry Potter, of course, is a favorite and any lively fantasies with elves, gnomes, shapeshifters, etc; and the early Irish trilogies by Nora Roberts. I have enjoyed all the classics and great writers of the last hundred or more years and now read more for simple pleasure.What’s next for Micki Peluso?
Whatever comes to me, I will write, but I am giving fiction and perhaps scriptwriting a chance. Writing is not what I do; it is who I am, so I will always be writing something, even if it's a creative grocery list.

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