Friday, July 22, 2016

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Based on a true story, this tale is narrated by Toby, a cat who lives with Grandma and Grampa and has never met a dog. His life changes when  a huge golden retriever, comes to visit. Rocky is a lovable dog and tries to make friends with Toby, who is both afraid of him and disgusted with his doggy drool. They finally become friends and then Rocky's visit is over. Toby is so sad that Grandma and Grampa take him to the doctor who suggests Toby is lonely. Toby gets an amazing present, a Dog!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Better Living Through Fantasy: Welcoming RRBC Spotlight Author Micki Peluso

Better Living Through Fantasy: Welcoming RRBC Spotlight Author Micki Peluso: I'm delighted to welcome to the blog today Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author Micki Peluso.  Her well-reviewed memoir,   . . . An...

Monday, July 11, 2016



Our "SPOTLIGHT" this week is on MICKI PELUSO, author of "...AND THE WHIPPOORWILL SANG" which you can snag a copy of at
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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Celebrating the 4th of July

While Nero Fiddled . . .

As we celebrate this Fourth of July let us contemplate on what we can do to help keep this great, cherished Nation from going the ways of other great Empires. Let us join together as one people, free of bias, greed and corruption as we work to bring back and maintain the beauty and purity of this great land of the free---'America the Beautiful.' 

While Nero Fiddled . . .

The Roman Empire between 100 and 200 AD encompassed Northern Scotland and reached out as far as Asia. It was one of four classified Empires; including Han China, Mauryan, India and Parthian Persia. The Roman Empire stands out due to its ability to unify and cause major changes in language and the development of lands conquered. It is said that the United States of America is second in this endeavor. So why did the Roman Empire Fall? The glory that was Rome fell by 284 AD due in part by what is taking down our country today — greed, corruption and apathy.

As we watch our own great nation, once the shining star of the free world grow ever weaker, inundated with internal and external problems, one wonders if we are following the footsteps of the once mighty Empire whose arrogance and refusal to see or care blinded them to their own demise. Our country became the United States of America in 1776 with the words of our Constitution written in the blood of those who fought and died for it. That would be about 240 years ago.

We face many of the Roman Empire’s problems and more, which includes loss of respect from other nations, mockery from our enemies, little or no aid from countries that we spend billions upon, as well as major financial, medical, and environmental problems on our front. Scandals in government have scorched the integrity of our political philosophies. We have backed down from stamping out terrorism when it first raised its ugly tentacles in the 1970's; beatable than, not so easily now. Our economy, dependent upon two-income families, has affected the lives of this present generation of children, along with the ever progressive computer technology which is both advantage and bane. We have been forewarned and educated in problems needing immediate solutions. As a Super Power we still ‘talk the talk’ but fail to ‘walk the walk.’ Chicken Little is scurrying about, crying out, ‘The Sky is Falling.’ We don’t bother to glance up.

Can we be so foolish as not to see what's happening to our once great nation? The greed, corruption, and apathy are snowballing into a massive avalanche that may well bury the country we once knew. Cartoonist Walt Kelly paraphrased Navy Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry’s famous quotation, ‘We have met the enemy and they are ours.’ On the second Earth Day on April 22, 1970, Walt Kelly’s first ‘Pogo’ cartoon graced the cover of a magazine. His words were relating to environmental issues but aptly fit all the problems of our times. “We have met the enemy and they are us.’

Saturday, June 25, 2016

More Crazy Adventures With Oliver & Jumpy

Oliver & Jumpy
By Werner Stejskal
Illustrations by Maycee Ann Reyes, Yon Rita'l. and Mario Tereso

Here's another story in the Oliver & Jumpy collection sure to delight both young children and the adults reading to them.This entire series should be in libraries and especially school libraries.

Story 37: Rescue in the Picture
Oliver, our sophisticated cat, is up for travel anywhere, but decides to paint the places he'd like to visit. He paints Jumpy, his kangaroo friend and her little Joey into a picture of a lovely beach with him. As always, when Oliver's around things get out of hand. Read how Oliver and his friends save a girl captured by island natives.

Story 38: Wet Cat
Oliver and his pals take a boat to one of the islands to listen to a Rock band for Joey's birthday. As you know, Oliver doesn't do well in boats or water. Can you guess what happened? I bet you can't.
Story 39: Down River

Oliver decides to return to his old haunt, Ghost Castle. What a busy, curious cat! And he takes a rowboat ride to get there. Doesn't this crazy cat ever learn about cats and water? This is one scary tale even for our brave feline.

As usual, children's author, Werner Stejskal  has outdone himself creating 3 new stories guaranteed to thrill and educate children. These are recommended as an outstanding welcome edition to the Oliver & Jumpy series of books.

Micki Peluso

Friday, June 17, 2016

Origin of Father's Day, past and present celebrations.

Dad's Delight: Another Father’s Day, Not Another Tie

Fathers always seem to get second billing. Father's Day follows Mother's Day, and even Children's Day, although no one takes Children's Day seriously except the children. Mother's Day usually means breakfast in bed (a dubious honor), flowers cards and gifts.

Fathers, on their designated day, used to get ties; hideous dated ties that store owners save up all year and then offer on sale to unsuspecting children. Wives are apt to acknowledge their husbands fulfillment of fatherhood by buying them tools to fix things around the house, then letting them foot the bill. 21th century fathers would much prefer a variety of technical gadgets.

If it weren't for Mrs. John Bruce Dodd of Spokane, Washington fathers might still be a forgotten entity. Dodd suggested venerating fathers to Rev. Conrad Bluhm, president of the Spokane Ministerial Association as a suitable tribute to her own father, who, upon the death of his wife, successfully raised his children.

Her proposal was approved by the Association; the first celebration took place on June 19, 1910 in Spokane. Although the rose is recognized today as the official flower for Father's Day it was originally a lowly dandelion because “the more it is trampled on, the more it grows.” This tongue-in-cheek suggestion reflected the inequality of parenting. Motherhood was revered next to godhood; fatherhood, in this respect, was compared to a common weed.

In 1911, the observance of Father's Day in Chicago came as a novel idea. Jane Addams, the famous social worker, approved the concept, saying “Poor father has been left out in the cold . . . But regardless of his bread-winning proclivities it would be a good thing if he had a day that would mean recognition of him.” Pres. Calvin Coolidge, in 1924, expressed his approval of the idea as he wrote, “As I have indicated heretofore, the widespread observance of this occasion is calculated to establish more intimate relationships between fathers and their children, and also to impress upon fathers the full measure of their obligations.”

Fathers of the 21st century participate more in the daily care of their children. In some instances it is voluntary, in others it is necessitated by both parents working, causing the workload and pleasure of child rearing to be shared. Feminist pressure has helped to release the male from stereotyped thought and behavior, making nuclear families more a cooperative than a monarchy.

Before there was widespread observation of this holiday, different sectors of the country celebrated independently in different ways, even different years. The tradition eventually spread throughout most of the Americas and parts of Europe and Asia. A general agreement was settled upon on June 16, 1946, more than 30 years after Mrs. Dodd's suggestion. Fathers finally got their day

Both Mother's Day and Father's Day have become “Hallmark Holidays’’ and while florists and confectioners flourish on the second Sunday in May, haberdasher's profit on the third Sunday in June. Commercialism aside, it seems right and fitting that on at least one day of the year fathers receive recognition and tribute from the children who bear their names, their legacies and their love. And what father can’t use another tie?

“Father! To God himself we could not give a holier name”— William Wordsworth 


Friday, June 3, 2016


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