Friday, September 9, 2016

on September 6, 2016
Micki Peluso has done her daughter proud. I was not expecting such an engaging experience. Often memoirs that commemorate a deceased child are difficult to read due to sentimentality and emotion that overpowers the story. Emphatically not so in this case. Peluso brings us into the story of her young and growing family with great honesty and detail. Her story is often entertaining and always interesting. Having married before graduating from high school (and spending so many years up to her neck in child rearing), I want to know when and where Micki Peluso learned not only the craft of writing, but of story structure. She is a natural storyteller,and I recommend this book to everyone, especially anyone who has lost a child. I hope the author has sent (or will send) this book to the MADD organization, where it may be put to good use educating abusers and hopefully preventing more tragedy.

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