Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Exciting Event --- Come and Join Me and Enter for a Free Books & Raffle

To all my friends and family,
Please go to the site and enter for your free book and drop back by to hang out with me and other authors on the 11 & 12th of June!! Many have already but I know I have more friends that that :).
Hey everyone - just a heads up. Twelve hand-picked authors, not just any authors, but best selling authors, are having a giveaway.  It's the first we've ever done this together and it will probably be another year or so before it happens again.
Go to Noteworthy Novels on facebook, scroll down and read about the authors and best selling books they are giving away and then write under one of our posts - I want to win!!  After that will be eligible to sign up at a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card by going to and entering the contest. BEWARE, if you do not sign up to win one or more books, you WILL NOT be entered into the contest.
Come chat with each of us on Noteworthy Novels on Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12. Winners will be announced on Monday, June 13th.
Thank you for making us best selling authors, good luck and I hope you are the one who wins one of my novels!
Kimberly Shursen

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