Friday, November 13, 2015

Tales2Inspire ~ The Crystal Collection: Stories that Tickle the Funny Bone

Lois W. Stern, creator of ‘winning stories by talented authors from across the globe’, has outdone herself with her latest collection of stories; the first collection ever of strictly humorous stories. As author and publisher Stern admits, funny stories are more difficult to write, edit and judge since what strikes one person's funny bone might go right over the head of another. This is not the case with these unique stories encompassing all walks of life, and unusual situations — did I mention funny?
My personal favorite, the story about a ’chicken zombie’ is a laugh out loud story that is almost unbelievable. I know I'll never feel the same toward chicken again. In another story, leaving two little girls alone with gallons of different colors of paint makes one smile. One story proves with slapstick humor that machines can be extremely mean to young housewives. 
“You can't spell ‘DON’T without ‘DO’” is proven in a hysterical short story about a young boy who cleverly beats the system, avoiding punishment. “Love in Bloom . . . Remembering When” is a sweet funny love story, a thoroughly satisfying read. Author Stern adds her own comical account of how a redhead proves she's a true redhead.
Each of the stories in this collection of humorous anecdotal tales is well-written, the authors are all contest winners and their work is edited to perfection. The lovely crystal on the book cover is perfect for these types of stories as some shine with brilliance, others are sharp and witty, and still others smooth and pleasant. But as the creator, Lois W. Stern writes, they are all ‘sparkling crystals of laughter.’
The type of stories in the Crystal collection is perfect reading while traveling or waiting for appointments. Just be careful where you chuckle or burst out laughing. Those enjoying this book in the Tales2 Inspire series will want to check out the other collections. I know I did.
Micki Peluso



  1. Congrats! Sounds like a great book. Do your have the purchase link? I'd like to purchase a copy and can't wait to read your stories! <3

    1. Dear Bette, I 'll get it on this site --was so busy posting it as a review that I forgot the link. It's on Amazon as 'Tales2Inspire The Crystal Collection: Stories:Stories to Tickle the Funny Bone. I have 4 of mine in this collection and some in the Topaz and Diamond collection.

  2. Thank you for this amazing review it sounds like an extraordinary book!! I always appreciate your recommendations!

  3. Thanks, Aurora, I'm proud to say 4 of my funny short stories are in this collection.
    Love, Micki