Friday, August 21, 2015

Viewpoint: Will We Ever Learn?

I was so impressed this piece that Pat was kind enough to allow me to reblog it on my blog so I can share it with all my followers. I also share my own viewpoint on her words at the bottom of this timely piece.

Viewpoint: Will We Ever Learn? By Patricia Garcia

Viewpoint: Will We Ever Learn?

1933- Signs of discontent, distrust, and jealousy arose in Europe, no longer hiding behind the smiling face of tolerance. The burdens placed upon the German people through the Treaty of Versailles, after losing theFirst World War caused anger and frustration to smother beneath the surface. Hunger, inflation, rising costs, and joblessness created clusters of dissatisfied people who grumbled.
That the Treaty of Versailles, with its failure to reach an agreement on reparation and Article 231, (the War-Guilt Clause), would play a leading role in starting the second world war, only a few people considered possible.  One of the few was Economist John Maynard Keyes, who thought the ordinances set down in theVersailles Treaty too harsh. Keyes considered that treaties overlooking the food, fuel, and finance would exacerbate the situation. 1 Keyes was right. For many Germans, to this day, the Treaty of Versailles broke their necks while humiliating and stripping them of their pride.
This year, 2015, that same wind blows, not in Germany but Greece; not because of war, but because of the economic collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, in the United States, in 2008; which led to the Great Recession.  The corrosive nature of that recession has put Greece in the begging role and subjects them to the hands of non-compromising politicians, whose main concerns are securing their own country’s safety, instead of the welfare of their sister nation, Greece.2
Soup lines, homeless sleeping on streets, beggars pushing carts, begging, while the initial instigators of their presence crisis discuss how to repay a debt that began with the negligence to institute proper controls, just as the Treaty of Versailles neglected to devise a method that would ensure that the German people survive with their self-esteem intact. 
The Greek debt must be paid, but does this mean humiliating the Greek working class who has no millions stashed away in bank accounts in Luxembourg or Switzerland or on the Cayman Islands.
The question should not be whether or not the Greeks pay their debt, but whether they will be allowed to pay it back with dignity and room to breathe.  History has shown us repeatedly that when the feet of those who have much hold down the feet of those who have little rebellion comes. Will history repeat itself, once again?  
Will we ever learn?

Micki Peluso said...
Sadly, my friend, we will never learn. Perhaps we are destined not to learn or the ones who do learn are meant to be frustrated by those who walk around with blinders on their eyes, seeing not, hearing naught--but what they think is right, even when a little child could tell them it is wrong. I have lived through a world war and 4 police actions and now the war on terrorism and I see the same scenario all over again.
I think nothing can be as horrific as the beheading of small children by terrorists in front of their parents, then remember the Holocaust when the grandparents of those children--but another race--are thrown into ovens and gassed to death.
When will it end my friend? I think not until our beloved savior breaks through the clouds and puts an end to the madness. God save us all--but especially the children.
I'd like to copy this and repost it on my blog if you would not mind. Let me know.
Love, Micki
Pat Garcia said in reply to Micki Peluso...
My Dear Micki,
Yesterday was Sunday and I did not get back to you because I try to stay away from the computer as much as I can on Sundays.
First, thank you for sharing your thoughts. They are extremely powerful and poignant. It is really time we wake up and face the reality around us.
As to your reposting, I am honoured. Of course, you may repost it. Thank you very much.
Sending you heartfelt greetings filled with love.


  1. What an amazing blog post by Patti. I've read it before, but I think these thoughts are important and impressive to read!
    Thank you for re-posting it, Micki.

  2. An excellent post, Pat. Thanks for sharing, Micki. Thought-provoking and relevant.

  3. Thanks, B,
    Pat is always amazing but this one really hits home. Thanks for dropping by.


  4. Hi Micki,

    This is really a great article. I'm glad you shared it with us.

    It does make me wonder how some people treat others. It saddens me realizing how things can unfold. We read about and hear these things all the time. We are in some ways, untouched by most of it, but just think about how it must feel being a part of such ways of life.

    Thanks for sharing, and I also want to thank you for always leaving a comment on my blog posts. I see them, read them and respond.
    My website designer made things much easier for my viewers to comment. I'm happy he listened to my concerns/complaints.

    Thank you again!

  5. Thanks, Cherry, I always enjoy your posts and love that you comment on mine. Pat is a wise young woman in so m many ways. I admire her.

  6. My Dear Micki,
    Thank you for reposting the article that I wrote. Time is sometimes so short that I get caught up in many things and I am not able to respond right away. Thank you so much for just being the dear woman that I treasure greatly.
    Love you.

  7. Dear Pat,
    It's always my pleasure to have anything and everything you write on my blog.

    Love, Micki