Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Book Worth Howling Over

The Alphas: Prequel to Howl of the Wolf, Heirs to the Throne Trilogy
By Diane Rapp

As a prequel to her sci-fi trilogy, this book shines. Anyone loving animals, especially dogs and wolves, will be drawn into this fascinating story.  Carra, whose beloved German Shepherd was stolen, cannot believe the mystery, evil and suspense going on in the dog breeding society. She discovers horrifying things that at first seem impossible, when she discovers that she is the heir to the fortune of her friend and dog breeder, Frieda, who is found murdered. This begins a journey to faraway places and one adventure after another as her and a select group of friends try to protect the lives and sanctity of the animals.

The dogs and wolves in this story are not normal, thanks to a science group who discover telepathy among some canines, wolves, and some people. Carra is one of those people. Author Diane Rapp writes a fast-paced novel with wonderfully developed characters, both human and canine.  Readers will be especially drawn to this book, beginning with the beautiful picture of the animals on her cover. It’s a fast easy read that is difficult to put down.

As a special treat, she ends her prequel with a sample of the first of the series; Howl of the Wolves, Heirs to the Throne Trilogy. It's a tantalizing piece which sent me directly to Amazon to purchase it. How could I not?

Micki Peluso, author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang


  1. Thank you for sharing your review, Micki. It seems you find the most remarkable books to read! :-)