Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Behind the Red Door A Collection of 10 Short Stories

Behind the Red Door
A Collection of 10 Short Stories
By Clayton C. Bye
Opening up Author C. C. Bye’s collection of 10 short stories, ‘Behind the Red Door,’ is like opening a box of chocolates — one just never knows what one will get. Will it be horror so intense it makes you shiver? Or perhaps humor that makes you laugh out loud? This highly talented multi-genre author writes in an eclectic style keeping the reader in a constant state of blissful flux.
The author's first story, ‘The Speed of Dark,’ is also the name of his International Award Winning Anthology, packed full of exceptional horror stories collected from many writers. In this short collection, written solely by Author Bye, each with a special slant in its own genre, the reader experiences a plethora of different emotions. One story, ‘Wrong Number,’ is especially thrilling, yet with ironic tongue in cheek humor, a new version of ‘The Devil and Daniel Webster.’
The ‘Last Unicorn,’ a tale of a shape shifter from another realm will make your jaw drop open in surprise, while ‘Retrovirus,’ sends chills up and down your spine. The best part of author Bye’s delightfully quirky talent is that he leaves one with the feeling that these things just might be able to happen.
This small book collection is perfect for reading while waiting in places or for those having only a short time to enjoy a short story. Be careful when opening up The Red Door . . . One never knows what lurks behind it.

Micki Peluso, author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang

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  1. This seems to be a quite interesting and fascinating book collection. Thanks for sharing Micki. :-)