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By Adrienne Miranda

In the heat of the summer on July 20, 2006, a mother's life is forever changed by one phone call. Her ex-husband says the words no parent can bear to hear; “Our beautiful baby boy is gone." Their son Joseph Anthony Miranda has just been run over and killed By a Bobcat on the construction site where he works. His mother, brother Rob, and family's grief and agony know no bounds, as they are held together only by their deep faith and trust in God.

Later as Joseph's mother begins to ask questions of the police, the company he works for, and his coworkers, there is a veil of silence and denial of wrongdoing which clearly implies to Adrienne that something is amiss.

And so begins her years of searching for the truth behind her beloved son's untimely, horrific death and what she feels and knows in her heart is a homicide. The author takes readers on a heartbreaking journey through grief, flashing back to the years of Joseph's life before he was killed. There can be no closure for this family until the truth behind Joseph's death is uncovered and brought to light.

Adrienne works tirelessly, strengthened only by God and the Scriptures she's memorized from her Bible, in her ongoing search for truth and justice. It helps keep her busy as she suffers through the sorrow that only the death of a child can bring; yet she is continually blocked by deceit and lies, even from police and investigators that she trusted. The deeper she digs, the deeper the mystery and suspense grows, reaching into Mexico, and involving the FBI and high government officials. While the coroner confirms assault and homicide, both upper and lower arms of the law and courts refuse to accept this as truth. Local police initially agreeing, change their stories. Calls are not returned, cooperation from all avenues is denied.

Author Adrienne Miranda writes an intense account of the injustice which destroys a young man so full of life — with plans for a happy future — as she continues to this day to demand justice and dignity for her son. How deep does this outrageous cover-up go and how far-reaching, implicating officials right up to the higher levels of government. Yet Joseph's death certificate confirms “that his manner of death is homicide and his cause is assault."

This is a story worth reading as author shares not only the life and death of her precious son but details an incident which could happen to other parents. Her story is meant to eradicate the wrong done to her child and warn others of what might someday befall them. The author feels that with God on her side, justice will prevail.

Micki Peluso, author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang


  1. Thank you for this wonderful review, Micki. This sounds like a very interesting book.

  2. Hi My Dear,
    It is amazing how law enforcement falls in denial when it deals with death. It will be a long and difficult road but I hope that the mother finds peace and that the truth comes out.
    Thank you for presenting this book.

  3. Dear God!

    Please help this mom, and her family.
    Truth and Justice!!

    Let us pray!

  4. Dear Aurora,
    I'm glad you liked this and appreciate your visiting my blog.
    My best, Micki

  5. Hi Pat,
    It is a travesty which jusctice takes a Holiday. The man who killed Noelle got off too. At least on this earth.

    Love, Micki

  6. Thank you, Cherrye,

    This brave woman has God helping her every step of her jouirney to justice for her son.

    Love, Micki