Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meet the Author

Meet the Author-- hosted by nature and chidren's books, Author Bette A Stevens as she interviews  Micki Peluso. Drop by and learn about this unique and wacky family as related by the author in her three time award winning book . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang. The interview will be up  for this entire week or more. Meet some of Micki's delightful now grown kids who are the primary characters in this book which has the humor of "Cheaper By the Dozen' with the heart of ' To Kill a Mockingbird. Get involved with some of the incidents in this book and ask questions which Micki will honestly answer in spite of some of her kids insisting 'it isn't true.'  Who would you believe? Micki, of course, inspite the protests made jokingly by some of her more precocious children.
You will also be moved by the impact that losing one of the children in the family had upon all members of the family which is clearly shown by the childen, now adults with children of their own. Surely the one lost, the comical, beautiful Noelle, is smiling down upon her family during the interview about this book dedicated to the celebration of her life.

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