Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dragonbride ( The Dragon Chronicles, Book 1) By Raani York

Dragonbride ( The Dragon Chronicles, Book 1)
Raani York
It's Imra’s destiny to “fulfill one of the oldest scriptures known to the world,” but at great cost to herself. And so begins a magical tale of love, impending evil and dragons. Author Raani York’s debut fantasy is a breathtaking, delightful and at times terrifying story of an era when dragons watched over humankind, who attempted to both appease and worship them. The beautiful Imra is a witch with powers of her own which will bring about the foretold burden as this amazing story unfolds . . . And perhaps upon the babe she births, and then hands over to others as the prophecy demands.
Shalima is raised by two aunts and trained in magic arts by a sorcerer, whose later identity comes as a shock. An ardent student, she senses she is destined for something special. But even she is overcome by the discovery that this specialty — one that is hers alone — one she's only heard of in legends-- will forever change the world.
The young magician becomes of age, passes through three tests at a tribunal of witches; even the oldest and strongest is no match for this chosen girl. Her fate is sealed. She will become wife to the Golden Dragon for eternity. The love between Shalima and her shape shifter husband, Dragan, is boundless — no love could be greater than theirs — in both human and Dragon form. Yet a cloud dims their bliss. They are destined to enforce a prophecy that only they can, and nothing can prevent the prophecy from coming true. Time is limited, chances slim, and odds against them. The world turns on its daily spin, unaware of its impending doom.
It is so tempting to tell you more . . . Of this quest full of adventure, romance, trust; a bond for the ages beset with trials that threaten the love and future of the Golden Dragon and his lovely magician bride. This book brings out the magic that lives within all fantasy lovers; its humor crops up unexpectedly and causes laughter.
Author Raani York has written a memorable first novel that will charm and entrance YA and all readers who love to curl up with a book that takes one off into the blissful, if often treacherous magical days of yore where one can revel in its truth, beauty and tragic losses. Waiting for the author’s forthcoming sequel will be torture . . . But not for long.
Micki Peluso, author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang


  1. Wow, Micki. Your review of Raani's book is one that'll entice many to read.

    I hope Raani will consider marketing it to Middle schools all over. Dragonbride sounds perfect for summer reading assignments in the category of science fiction/fantasy. Middle school teachers ask children to purchase and read two-books from selected genres. They have to purchase the books, spend time reading and then answer questions. Raani could design her own curriculum for her book.

    Raani - If you'd like, go to this site for ideas of what schools ask:

    Thanks for sharing your review of Dragonbride with us, Micki.

  2. Dear Micki,
    I'm so happy you liked "Dragonbride" so much that you marked it worth 5 of 5 stars. It is such a wonderfully written review!! I am proud for my book to get this praise. Thank you so much!!!

    Dear Cherrye,
    Thank you very much for your comment and advice. I will work on this now. This is so great!! Thanks!!

  3. Thanks Raani for your appreciation which was well-earned.

    Love, Micki

    Thanks, Cherrye for giving Raani such good advice--I think it's a great YA boodk too.

    love, Micki