Thursday, June 27, 2013

All Our Love and Thanks

All Our Love And Thanks
by Micki Peluso

This is a poem thanking our soldiers for protecting our lives. It is  part of a book of poems being sent free to our men and women in uniform. I think it's appropo for the 4th of July.

All Our Love and Thanks

To all the men and women
Who guard our country's ground
And place themselves in harm
While we sleep . . .safe and sound.

Think not that we forget you
Please know that we're so proud
Your sacrifice, wounds and deaths
Noble price paid. . .so well renowned

To all the men and women
Who left loved ones at home
Your pride, your strength, your guts
Keepers of freedom. . .so brave, so bold

We offer prayers of thanks
A pittance of what's owed
As bombs burst, wounds bleed
And tales of selfless bravery unfold

To all the men and women
Whose lives are placed at stake
We send love, undying faith
Our homage, our thanks . . .amen


  1. What a beautiful poem - and prayer. I love it!!!

  2. Thanks, someone published a book of poems and short stories to be donated to our service men and women and my short story was picked instead of the poem--so I figured it's make a good blog for the $th.


  3. Thank you Micki, we must always keep our soldiers, airmen, seamen, and marines, National Guard and Reserves in our prayers for protection. I thank God for them!

  4. Happy 4th of July, Micki! Thank you for bringing sunshine into my life. . .

  5. Ditto--Sharla, thx for stopping by--I was about to just shut down.

  6. You are an amazing talent. This is really such a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing ~ Peggy