Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This is my great grandson, Seth, visiting my daughter Noelle's gravesite on Christmas day, her favorite holiday-with his father, my first grandson, born on the same day that Noelle died, two years later. There is a design I had done with a dove in flight, carrying a rose dripping a tear. Noelle loved birds and drew pictures of them. The saying on the tombstone was written by her father and says: There were only those who loved her and those who never knew her.

Noelle is buried at the top of a mountain  in the town of Williamsport, the place she lived and loved.

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  1. I love this piece. Sorry so late, but I'm way behind due to a few personal things. The writing brings about hopefulness, and with everything in our lives today hope is an entity we shouldn't let escape us. Everyday is a struggle for me, but if I can go to bed and actually sleep through the night and then get up the next morning with a hope of a fresh outlook then it's worth it. I think I'm bettering myself for 2013, and I can only HOPE that it will be the best year yet. I have all the right ingredients this time:):) Salut Micki.