Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reflections on Christmas

Reflections on Christmas
By Micki Peluso
Rated "PG" by the Author.

Refelections on Christmas

The Christmas season is a time of reflection, at least for me. My family celebrates on Christmas Eve, a night arrayed with mountains of delectible food, piles of presents; the home nearly bulging from the onslaught of four married childfren, one single son, and ten grandchildren, a few relatives and friends. The evening is radiant, from both the holiday decorations and the expectation upon the faces of children who have waited so long for this most blessed of all nights.

The cousins, all close, both in age and love for each other disappear, the young ones to play and the older ones to catch up on with each other's lives. If a home could burst from love and happiness, this one surely would. This family is not a disjointed group, merging only on the most Holy of days--it is one unit, bonded by a love that keeps growing stronger. I like to think that might be what the Christmas spirit is all about. Love, potent, powerful love that makes the trials and losses of life bearable; meaningful as long as the the family remains intact.

Much like the trinity of God, Jesus and the Holy spirit, a family that is separate, yet one, nourishes itself by utilizing love for each other to bolster strength for the challenges of an ever-changing world. Alone, we tend to weaken, together we form a chain of support that withstands even the most brutal losses. Families like ours survive because we have each other.

As I reflect upon the virgin Mary bearing the Christ infant in an animal shed in Bethlehem, I recall my own first birth, bringing life into the world and helping create the first of a new generation. Mothers know, as do I, that it is as close to a God-like creation that any mortal can achieve. Nothing, no accomplishment on earth can ever compare to bringing the first wails of new life into the world.

I gaze upon my children, always missing the one long gone from a drunk driving death, and my grandchildren, who have been told stories of Noelle and her wonderful, albeit shortened life. I feel blessed and blissfully aware that this special night is meant to reinvent that night in Bethlehem that changed the course of the world, saving it from itself. The birth of the Christ-child is the personificaton of the meaning of our existence. Christmas is a celebration of life and love--not ordinary love, but unconditional love that surpasses all other.

One day, God willing, we will, as a world family, realize this and then there will be peace on earth, good will to all. May it come soon.

Merry Christmas and allow the love of this magical holiday to carry you throughout the coming year.



  1. Micki,

    These are WONDERFUL MEMORIES. I'm so happy that there are people and families out there that still exist like your does. I thought these families were just memories of the past. In this life today we lose sight of families, even friends for that matter. Everyone has their head buried in a phone or laptop that they are unaware of what is going on at the moment. If they don't read it on their IPADS or other then it isn't happening in their world.

    We went to visit Johns brother and his nephew said hi and then we never saw him again until we left, he was too busy with his phone and his friends and games. Sad but true.

    Micki you have brought so much hope back into my life, and you are right about birthing a child. I remember having Dougie, even his crying was cute. Hard to explain to someone who doesn't have kids.

    Thank you again and God Bless your family at Christmas and always. Lori

  2. what is funny is your blog is one of the very few I can post on, I wonder why?

  3. Thank you for sharing, Micki, I can imagine the hubbub and clamor of feet climbing the stairs and going to the other rooms to chat. I can almost smell all the goodies from the kitchen, and I know the laughter must continue well into the night! You are so blessed with a close family!

  4. Thank you Lori for you wonderful words. It will take a while for you to find peace in your life completely but it will come--just leave it to God.

    Love, Micki

    You can post easily here because I have an easy posting type--google. I'm too dumb to figure out the others but it you sign in with FB you can usually post

  5. Deirdre,

    I'm so glad you liked this--thought you might. The grandkids are in their teens now so they gooff by themnselves more and text, but they still arebonded to family--one thing I did right since I neve rhad a family like that. Love you to pieces!!

  6. You know Micki,
    I'm very much impressed about you and your family. You have this kind of way to think about Noelle and still remember her with all the love in your hearts.
    Sometimes I think people tend to "forget" their loved once after a certain time - but your family still keeps close - the tragedy hasn't torn you apart.
    And I admire this in so many ways!!
    Enjoy your Christmas with your family. I bet Angel Noelle is with you. :-)

  7. Thanks, Raani,

    Noelle is always with us--we would have it no other way. The Sandy Hook massecre has hit me hard bringing her violent death back so clearly that I've just been down and sobbing the past few days.

  8. Hey Micki -- As always, a beautiful celebration of family, memories, and love. We owe it to ourselves to remember just how blessed we are. Enjoy your holidays.