Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Tragic Loss: Sandra McLeod Humphrey

A lovely, heartrendering tribute to our friend and fellow writer, Sandra Mcleod Humphrey, a friend to all who knew and loved her. She is with us always in our hearts and memories.This is reposted from the blog of Sharla Shults, whose words offer comfort to us all. Watch over us all, Sandy--from Heaven --as you did on earth.

A Tragic Loss: Sandra McLeod Humphrey

on November 28, 2012
Today’s posting at catnipoflife is a tribute in memory of Sandra McLeod Humphrey. I feel very honored to have known Sandra even if for only a short period of time. I encourage you to visit her website Dare to Dream Big! If you did not know Sandy, there would be no better way to celebrate her life than to acquaint yourself with her writing by visiting her blog @ Then, I encourage all, whether you knew her or not, to order one of her books as a Christmas gift for a friend, loved one or family member. What a great tribute that would be for Sandy!
Here is a brief account of the tragic death of Sandra and her husband, as well as a little insight into her remarkable writing.
“Tragedy has taken the life of award-winning children’s book author Sandra McLeod Humphrey and her husband, Brian Humphrey. Both were killed in a house fire on November 23. The couple’s single-family home in Minnetonka, MN, was in flames at 10:30 p.m. Friday, according to news sources, including the Minneapolis/St. Paul TV network KARE 11. No official cause of the blaze has been released.”
Sandra is best known for her overwhelming desire, knowledge and talent for writing books to build strong character. She has written many award-winning books to help empower young people to believe in themselves and to make good choices. Although her books cover many different subjects and span different age groups, they all have one thing in common: they are written to get young people thinking and talking about important social and moral issues and to help them be the best they can be!
Sandra, you will be deeply missed but your dream lives on!


  1. Hi,
    She will be sorely missed. Sandra was quite a woman. It so comforting to know that her dream does live on in all that know her and in all the children that she has helped to find the way.
    Love you, Micki.

  2. My very dear friend is now an angel and watching over everyone. I can't believe she is not with us. She was an inspiration to authors and championed against those that bully. Words can not express my feelings right now. Thank you for your life...thank you for always supporting me...Rest well my friend...

    Lee Ann Butler-Owens- Lullalee

  3. Micki,
    This is the kindest most heartfelt tribute one could give a fellow friend and author. Sandra will be missed, and as I've already stated online that I was only beginning to know her, and wish I had taken time to get to know her better. We all wish we would or could have known someone better AFTER the fact. It seems like the only good things that come of funerals are people finally getting together after years apart. But then again all those people do are sit and express their regrets that they haven't gotten together more often, and usually after the funeral the cycle is repeated again. That is why I love to communicate online, it gives us no excuse of distance or paying for gas to visit. Yet unfortunately we as human beings still make excuses. I truly admire her and was fortunate enough to receive on of her autographed books of the greatest 25 women and men that lived....about the pioneers in our society and how they changed our lives and futures forever.
    Once more thank you Micki, you are an inspiration and true friend.

  4. Thank you Micki, for sharing this tribute to Sandra. She will be sorely missed. I do pray for her, her husband and her family. She was such a great personality and I was honored to have her in my contact lists!
    Thanks for your heart - and your wonderful pen to write such a great blog post!

  5. Micki, I am honored that you reblogged the tribute to Sandra. I still encounter her across the Internet many times throughout the day. It is as though she is still with us. Her untimely passing along with her husband is a tragedy that will remain heavy on our hearts for a long, long time. Even in the vitual world, feelings of love and compassion shine daily.

  6. Go to for a very special award that is being bestowed on only a few. Not sure why I was a recipient but it gave me the opportunity to honor those I place in the category of the BRAVE! Hugs, my friend!

  7. Thanks to all who posted on the comments that Sharla was kind enough to share on my blog.

    Sharla, thnak you for allowing me to repost your beautiful tribute to our lost friend, Sandy. I see her everywhere too and it both helps and hurts. I thank you for the award and will do my best to get to it soon and not screw it up.

    Love to you all,

  8. I share your grief, Micki. I'd like to add the link to this page on my dedication page.

    1. HI Micki,
      Thanks for reposting this tribute. I have also written one that hopefully will be read. I want the families of Sandy to know how much we loved their grand parents.
      Many Blessings My Friend,

  9. Linnea, I'm sure sharla will appreciate your sharing her link as I did so as many as posible can lmnow about Sandy--and why she is so sorely missed by so many.

    Rosemary, your tribute to Sandy on your two blogs is outstanding.I find my self going back to reread it when I'm feeling the eed to be near Sandy.

  10. Good blog and one great book, Micki. Every parent with young children should get it and read it, I wish I had it when mine were young.

    My best,
    Steven Nedelton