Sunday, August 5, 2012

Reader's Appreciation Award

Thank you Sharla for this prestigious award. It sits proudly on my post.

Sharla L.Shults is a writer and educator with a wonderful flair for poetry. Her latest book, "Awakenings from Then to Now", is due for release in spring. It's "dedicated to all those who laid the foundation and established the platform for our American freedom".

My nominations for this award are:  Drum roll please.

Doreen Cox
Mary Fimin
Robin Leigh Morgan
Laura H. Hern
Raani York
Cherrye Vasquez
Patricia Garcia
Sandy Nachlingor
Linda Hale


  1. You so deserve this Award. Congratulations Micki!

  2. Congratulations, Micki, and all the other bloggers you're passing the award on to!

  3. Thanks, Peggy, I think I do after the time I spent figuring out how to post it here and then got the award in the wrong place anyway.

    Thanks, Sandy,
    I just started your boook on heroes and realized you do give the names up front in the book, unlike on the blog--so if you want nme to redo my comment on your review ,let me know. The book is even better than i thought it would be!!


  4. Good for you, Micki, and you move fast. I haven't even had a chance to figure out how to post one from June!!

  5. My Dear Micki,
    I congratulate you with the warmest and sincerest wishes for more awards like this on your behalf. You deserve it, My Dear.

  6. Thanks Deirdre and Patricia,

    I'm impresssed that I figured out how to get the award here.