Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Immortally Yours

Immortally Yours by Angie Fox
St Martin’s Press 9/1/2012
ISBN: 978-0-312-54666-3
Genre: Urban Fantasy

When Dr. Petra Robichaud saves the life of the immortal demi-god, Galen of Delphi, she doesn’t expect him to remember seeing her grab his soul and shove it back into his body. Galen can’t quite recall what happened, but he feels a bond toward Petra never before felt toward any half-human. The doctor fears her secret of seeing spirits and souls will be found out out—a sin punishable by horrific things she prefers not to think about.

She decides to have Galen transferred to another M.A.S.H unit, since she feels herself drawn to this handsome warrior, and she doesn’t want to jar his memory and put her life in jeopardy. The newer gods are battling the older gods in a seven hundred year war so Petra’s chances of ever leaving this Limbo between Hell and Earth are slim and none. As half human and half fae, she won’t live much past 150 years old.

Author Angie Fox, well known for her humorous fantasy books, writes this most unlikely, incredible story with outrageous observation and Lucille Ball hilarity. Petra’s orderly, Horace, is a sprite with wings on his heels and shoulders, and the guard for her ward is Jeffe, a sphinx with a bronze mane, perfectly willing to eat patients who get out of line—hopefully a bluff since he fears spiders and loves crossword puzzles and stamp collecting. Her roommates in her barracks are Marius, a grumpy sleep-deprived vampire and her good friend, Rodger, a werewolf. Then there’s Charley, a ghost nurse that only Petra can see.

On her way back to her quarters after a harrowing day, Petra is attacked by humongous scorpions, saved in the nick of time by Galen, who keeps slipping back after each discharge. He eventually tells Petra he remembers her seeing his soul, which binds them together emotionally and sexually. As the huge, muscled hunk of a god tells Petra explicitly just how he intends to make love to her, Petra melts into a submission sublimely erotic. As luck would have it their lovemaking comes to an abrupt end as Imps, scaly-skinned atrocities with razor-sharp teeth attack them—putting lovemaking on the back burner, as they attempt to avoid confrontation with these assassins.

Galen wonders why the old gods have sent creatures after them, since they usually reserve this for specific reasons. Now Petra is terrified that her secret is out and she’s doomed. Thank God for a super-human demi-god to protect her. Galen comes to the conclusion that the gods know she sees the dead and pulled a bronze dagger from Galen’s chest—the dagger that just won’t go away. Somehow this is related to a prophesy that killing Petra may prevent from happening.

Bestselling author Angie Foxe once again proves her special talent for urban fantasy; bringing her story to a fast-moving, dangerous, bittersweet, yet delightfully comical ending. Readers enjoying this book will want to read her four books in the “Demon Slayers” series, as well as, “My Zombie Valentine”.

Reviewer: Micki Peluso, writer, journalist and author of . . . And the Whippoorwill Sang


  1. I've never read any of Angie Fox's novels, but I've obviously been missing some great reads! Thanks, Micki, for another of your extraordinary reviews for an extraordinary book!

  2. Thank you Micki for sharing this. It sounds intriguing! :-)

  3. THanks, Sandy and Raani,

    She does have a wacky sense of humore which almost goes overboard at times.


  4. Another nicely written review. Although this isn't the kind of book I usually read, Immortality Yours sounds fascinating, especially since the author has a wacky sense of humor.

  5. Great review, Micki! Another outstanding performance:>)

    Oh, dear! Here comes the robot. . .