Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And the Whippoorwill Sang review by Peter Healy

Shades of Erma Bombeck --Wonderful !

If you are caught in the beauty of the wonderful dilemma of raising a family, “. . . And the Whippoorwill Sang,” by Micki Peluso is a book that is written just for you. And, with Peluso’s gift for writing, which offers shades of the great Erma Bombeck’s style, her story makes for a smooth, easy, and entertaining read.

Author Peluso recounts her experiences, mishaps, adventures, confusion, downward spirals, and difficulties, as she goes up, down, and around the surprising obstacles that life throws in the path of her, her husband Butch, and their six children.

But Peluso is strong, dedicated, and clever, and she counters each challenge determined to generate her own rewards and triumphs as she demonstrates a moxie that only a loving mother can possess. As a reader, you will identify with the myriad emotions that comes with family struggles . . . sometimes laughing and sometimes crying, as often-time your own memories will sweep into mind.

With the fifties and sixties serving as a backdrop, the epic story romps its way through the unique turbulence of the times as the youngsters weave the family together in knots of love and the Pelusos chase their dream of happiness.

However, tragedy strikes and shakes Micki and her family to the core. Will the bonds of family, togetherness, and love bear enough to recover . . . or will the misfortune break the ties that bind?

Read “. . . And the Whippoorwill Sang,” and remember the heartfelt joy of raising a family.

Peter Healy -- Author of "Vengeance Is Sacred"


  1. I so agree with Peter--definitely shades of Erma Bombeck! What a beautiful and well-deserved review for an extraordinary book and I can so envision it as a film. Great review for a great book!

  2. Hi My Dear Friend,
    Peter Healy's comparison of you to Erma Bombeck is fantastic. I totally agree. I enjoyed again his book review. This book is such a large magnet and it draws readers and writers to want to write about it and how it affected them.
    Great interview.

  3. Thank you Sandra--Bombeck was my hero and while we started out writing the same way at the same time, she went on to be famous and here I sit with a royalty check of 14.50 and sales of only 12 books in six months--while working my butt of marketing every day of the week. Better than the last six months when I sold two.

    Thnks Pat, I appreciate your compliments coming from such a talented writer. I just wish this 'magnet' would sell more books. Not for the money as this book has never been about money--but I need to keep my promise to Noelle--to make her known and I can't live forever!! 12 books sold in six months just dosn't cut it--one in Europe, Pat which must have been you.

    Love, Micki

  4. Very nice review. And Micki don't sell yourself short, your time will come and your book will touch the hearts of MANY. Being famous isn't whats important but getting the story out there for inspiring others is, and sometimes we have to accept one or the other and neither one is to be scoffed at:)