Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vengeance is Sacred by Peter Healy

Vengeance is Sacred
Peter Healy

Paola, the 'Mountain deva" of southern Italy's garden farms, leaves his homeland and escapes to L'America, as the Camorra crime syndicate searches for him with a murderous vendetta. Paolo is introduced to the hatred and bias toward the Italians and Irish, and finds the Crime syndicates in New York and New Jersey to be as murderous as that of Italy.

Maria works 50 hour weeks in the sweat shops of New Jersey. Upon hearing of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union in New York, she becomes an active member. Paolo and Maria meet at the first ILGWU strike when she and thousands of others are beaten by “shtarkes” while the police look the other way. Paolo feels their two souls merge and they are soon planning marriage—but when Paolo tells her of his past, she is horrified, frightened for her family and turns away from Paolo.

Trouble sneaks up on both the characters and readers. Can revenge reach across the ocean to rob Paolo’s dream of finding love and becoming an American farmer? Will his Deva protect him from future danger? This engrossing novel is a wonderfully told story of the struggles to find the American dream. It's truly a book with passion and heart, one that kept this reviewer reading until the wee hours of dawn. Author Peter Healy’s story offers Americana, love, paranormal, and fast-paced action, but most of all, addresses the question—is vengeance sacred?

Reviewer: Micki Peluso, writer, journalist and author of And the Whippoorwill Sang


  1. Very nice review of Peter's book. The intrigue makes me want to read it. I need to find out how to buy an autographed copy. I feel like I would very much enjoy this book. Thanks for the review, Micki!

  2. I love your reviews, Micki, and this one's no exception. I'll post it on my B Author Page. I've almost finished your book and then I'll review it on Amazon--what a great read!

  3. Thanks,Deirdre and Sandra,
    I liked the book and think you might too, although there is some violence and irish and Italian cursing lol.