Monday, July 2, 2012

About the Dove

This is a true story

About The Dove

I've written much about Noelle
Shamelessly bared my very soul
Epodes of sorrow, epoch in Hell
Each one a grievous episode . . .
     But I forgot to tell you about the dove

Abyysmal pain her leaving caused
With searing hurt and nights insane
A man oblivious to laws
A driving drunk, a country lane . . .
     But I must tell you about the dove

My son it was, I think, that day
While walking home from work
Perchanced to see it as it lay
And stooped to pick it up . . .
     Within his hands, a sculptured dove

It was the day I chose her stone
Inscribing it with all my love
The granite, stately, stood alone
It's face imprinted with a dove . . .
     Holding a rose dripping a tear

My son walked slowly up the road
With wonder written on his face
And mutely handed me a dove
Exactly like the one I'd placed . . .
     Upon the tombstone of her grave

Micki Peluso


  1. I don't know what to say, Micki. It's just beautiful and I've got tears in my eyes.

  2. Micki, how absolutely beautiful! Tears again, my dear friend:>) I find myself talking about your book everywhere I go. . .and knowing I communicate with the author is absolutely wonderful. Did you ever get the message about my visit to the dentist last week?

  3. Raani, thanks you so very much. I don't write a lot of poetry and when I do it's usually sad or silly.

    Sharla, thank you. I wrote this late at night soon after she was killed when everyone was in bed and I was very mad at God, hurt, actually--the words just came to me, but this story happened exactly as I wrote it--one of many paranormal events after she passed.

    Love, Micki

  4. Lovely. Just lovely. You've beautifully expressed your feelings in this short poem and the result is wonderful.

  5. Micki, I so love your devotion to your daughter. I would have completely collasped if it had been my daughter or gone for the throat of this murderer. Your son was so in touch with you and his sister. Another masterpiece.
    I love you dearly.

  6. Micki, that's absolutely beautiful! You are such a gifted writer and I'm so glad you're sharing your gifts with us--you are amazing!

  7. Micki ~ Another beautiful tribute to your daughter. I'm certain she feels your love and devotion in the heavens above.


  8. Sandy N.,
    I'm glad you liked it.The most amazing thing is that it actually happened and I kept that little dove for many years.
    Love, Micki

    Rosemary, I would have and wanted to collapse--it was my oldest son who forced me to getup and resume my role as a mother. I have a friend who's in the book with her only son--who died of cancer as a young man-uld have surely killed me. Love, Micki

    Sandy H., Thank you so much. In sharing with you and others, I'm keeping my death bed promise to Noelle.
    Love, Micki

    Peggy, thanks. For many tears she showed herself to us in so many ways as you know from reading the epilogue of the book. and she was with me as I wrote the book, even sending a whippoorwill to keep me company each night as I wrote.
    Love, Micki

    Sharla, yes, I did read about the dentist experience which is so weird as I only know three people in Alabama and I'm going to call them to see if by some chance they were at the dentist that day.

    Love, Micki

  9. Micki - this will be my second try to comment and this time, I am not commenting as Google but Wordpress instead so we shall see if it works. This is about your poem - About the Dove. With my daughter, it was Blue Jays and also white feathers. This past few months, it has been doves - imagine that! A few months ago, a dove flew onto my bedroom window sill, cooed loudly until I noticed it and then it stayed all night. When I said good morning to it, it pressed against my screen, cooed and then flew off. About a month ago, a dove flew onto my living room window sill beside where I was sitting. I believe these doves are messengers and so I asked it if the child I had miscarried was with my daughter. Just then, the dove started calling and flapping its wings. Another dove - much smaller but not a baby, flew in and landed on her back and she surrounded it with her wings. To this day, I know that I know that I know, that this was a message that my little one is with my daughter in Heaven. I may have told you this already Micki but I just want you to know, that I believe that your dove is a messenger that your daughter is in a wonderful place. Your poem is beautiful and I believe that you needed to write it.

  10. Linda,
    Thank you so much for sharing this with me. Noelle loved birds and drew pictures of them. She as always searching for the ellusive whipporwill, a nocturnal bird who also sang at dawn and cried at dusk. A whipporwill, not native to where I live sat outside my window while I typed the last hardest pages of my book then flew off until the following spring when it sat on my smaller flag pole and let me approach almost close enough to touch it. I know so many stories of God sending animals and birds as messengers after a death.

    I don't remember you telling me you also lost a daughter and had a miscarriage--any time you need to talk about it please know I am here to listen. I'm so glad you could post and with wordpress yet!!

    Love, Micki

  11. My Dearest Micki, Your Grandmother post is wonderful and since I joined those hallowed ranks almost 2 years ago I can identify with your story. But what a joy our Charlie is today. His little life saved me from hours of grief over the death of my husband. I also want to share a funny story about the lady on the couch. My mother lived by the beach and spent hours and hours on her couch watching the ocean and the TV and sometimes sleeping there. When she passed away, my sister and I and our two daughters went to the funeral home to buy a coffin. My sister said to the funeral Director, "Do you have one shaped like a couch?" We all broke up laughing and going through that traumatic time was somewhat eased. I love your sense of humor Micki and it will always get you through the worst of times. God Bless you and all of your family, especially Ben. Hugs, Mary Firmin