Wednesday, May 23, 2012

 Well I spent 2 1/2 hours talking to an AOL tech who spoke low and in a heavy accent. I told him he sounded like he came from India ( he did not find this funny). Neither did I when he said after all that time that he couldn't help me and he made an appointment  for 2-4 the next day with what I thought was a Verizon tech. Luckily Butch was home when that Indian called at 12 noon and kept us on the PC until 5:30 PM, only to say, basically,__--it's broke!  
Apparently Explorer is not working well--like I needed them to tell me that? And due to this inigma, he could not get Macafee to run the Verizon security suite and it seems for the past four years it was never running, although I pay 10 dollars a month for it to run. When I reopened the PC,  Macafee popped up and reported a Trojan. I didn't think we had any of those left alivel. I called my daughter, Kim who helped me install Google Chrome against my better judgement since google and blooger already hate me, but Chrome said it would no longer let my blog run without it. That was a lot of fun(not) and it worked which has me suspicious since I know it's a trick. Yahell was nice in the beginning, but now won't talk to me. This all started when someone sent me a virus or hacked into my e-mail again--probably the latter. I had to once again change my password. My head is bursting with so many passwords it is going to explode soon, but I intend to take the PC with me!! I missed a day of work and now I find myself laughing hysterically over things not that funny. Cyberspace has finally driven me mad.I think after I reply or delete the 150 messages from people  who say I sent them a virus, I'll sign into the nearest rest home. I doubt they'll let me out. And that was my day. I'm afraid to wake up tomorrow.


  1. Micki, I understand. Oh do I understand. The machines are out to get us. I wrote on just this topic the other day. We must band together and stay strong. - Delinda aka Anonymous by blogspot

  2. Micki, I am so there with you! But you're throwing around all those terms like Macafee and Chrome which means that you're still way ahead of me technologically! I hear all these names being tossed around and my brain has gone on overload and refuses to acknowledge them. Actually, I think my brain is going into "shut-down" mode and plans to join Thoreau at Walden! Love your blog as usual!

  3. Thanks Delinda and Sandra,

    I know you two can relate. I can't even link things to places like linking your blogs to mine, unless the computer does it for me. After all that happened, I went to turn on the PC tonight and it was back in the mode when Verizon was fixing it from afar and failed. Just by dumb luck my husband managed to get it to open but I have no idea what I'll awaken to tomorrow. We should write a collective book on this!! Thanks for visiting.


  4. Micki, I laughed so hard reading this post! Someday, woman, I will be up there to visit my brother and we will go and have a glass of wine at PJ Clarkes on 53d and 3d in the city! I love your sense of humor! (You were laughing, right? lol) Keep it up, Micki, I love it! I am following now. Oh yeah, I ordered your book. When I am finished reading it, I will send it to you to inscribe for me. Deal?