Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Made a Speech without Picturing anyone Nude

This is the first time I did a luncheon/speech/book signing at a prestigious restaurant without fear. Well, I finally did it. Of course I spent the mandatory three days prior to my speaking engagement in anxiety and turmoil--but somehow not as much as usual. I knew I was committed and had to do it so I accepted that, if somewhat terrified. It was rainy and windswept that noon as I drove up to the most prestigious restaurant in my area, The Staaten. An omen, I thought of dire things to come. I was speaking at the Grandmother's Club and invited for their monthly luncheon. I was too nervous to eat, sitting at an oval table with ten women I have never met, except for the one who had invited me. They were lovely,intelligent, yet jaunty women and I began to relax. Even the food started to look good. Just as the main entree was placed before me, I was called up to speak. Due to back problems, it's difficult for me to stand in one place for long and I figured I would have to ask for a chair. But I told myself I would try and stand at the lecturn and I did. I didn't knock it over, trip over the microphone cord, of knock over the drinks of anyone at the long table on either side of me. I carried a written paper with me in case I lost my train of thought or the whole train, as I am wont to do upon occasion. I spoke mostly without the need of the paper and adlibbed a bit. My heart did not race in an effort to set off my defibrulating pacemaker, my blood pressure did not rise, I didn't break into a sweat and flaming face. I looked and sounded like I had been doing this forever--and this empowered me--from the prayer I had asked for before my speech--that God would give me His strength to empower me to do all things. And He did. I will probably never like making speeches, or being the center of attention, but after this day I now know that with that blessed empowerment, I can and will do it. To end on an even higher note, I sold a significant amount of books for the size of the luncheon party and made new contacts. I think I have finally overcome the monster called fear!! Maybe, just maybe, one day these things might become fun. Nah . . . Micki Peluso Comments (2)

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  1. I could totally relate to your grandmothers' luncheon--I also don't feel comfortable giving speeches and/or being the center of attention. I love your title for this post and I wonder if picturing some of the members of your audience nude really works--I've never tried it and probably never will. I love your blog and I'll be back!