Saturday, August 30, 2008


This is an interesting Assignment from Stephen King's, "On writing." I am to narrate a story about a prison escape but change the character from a man to a woman. I made it a parole instead of an escape to get more dialogue from it.


Rita counted the days. Her mental competency hearing was a week away. Convince these morons I am sane and I am outta here, she thought. Of course she was sane, no doubt of it. Imprisoned by a biased Judge and a jury of rednecks. Just let me get out of this hellhole and they will see how sane I am. These thoughts kept her calm.She pretended to take her mind-altering prescription drugs from the prison matron, then spit them in the toilet of her small cubicle. One more week. She could wait. Years had passed, waiting. Then a trip home to see her husband,ex, actually, since the bastard chose to divorce her while she was incarceratred. Like he hadn't helped her beat up the kid. Rita told him she never wanted a brat anyway. But she was here and he was out free. It ate at her like a canker sore, but not for long-not for long. And their little girl, grown now after five years. What would she be now? Ten years old, about. Probably don't remember her dear ole Mom, Rita thought. She will when I get out. Oh she will. and her father more so.Rita faced the panel of parole officers, the Warden, social worker, shrink, etc., on the date of her hearing. Her once rosy complexion was pale from years of prison life-her drab green prison garb accentuated it. Still the glitter from her steely gray-blue eyes, held a madness she fought to conceal. Beneath a mop of ash-blonde hair, her face held a reminder of cruel beauty, not quite lost.The panel was a somber group. Suited men, suited women, wearing a facade of importance and fake concern. God how Rita hated these hypocrits. She hid it well, sitting demurely before them, with as much innocense as she could portray and still be believeable. This had to work. She must get out-there were debts to pay, and Rita was never one not to meet her resonsibilities. Dick and Melissa first on her list, then her parents. Could she stop then? Rita had no idea but just the idea of killing gave her an orgasm of such intensity that she had to cross her legs to keep from crying out.The snob panel did not seem to notice. They sorted and shifted paperwork, in preparation for her question and answer session that would decide her fate. Rita was ready. Let the inquisition begin."Rita," asked the psycho therapist. "Have you learned from your years with us?""Yes Maam, so much that it would take a month of Sundays just to tell ya about it.""I see. And do you think you can live outside and be a credit to the community? When you answer, please give me details."" Maam, I know I can. I have learnt so much from you and everyone here. I have become a new woman. I've been thinkin' on how much my baby girl needs her Mama. I have lost so many years I intend to make up for them if I can , in the best way I know how." Rita lowered her head at the appropriate moment."Rita, it will not be easy to establish a relationship with your daughter," the social worker, interjected. "you will need a lot of support.""I realize that Maam, a big job, I reckon, and it will take time, but I got plenty of that."The Warden spoke next. "You do understand, Rita, that on parole, you will be required to report to your parole officer once a week, should we agree to return you to society?""Yes sir, I know that. I will comply with anything you want me to do.""You understand we have petitions from your family asking us not to let you go.""No Sir, I didn't know that. I will promise to stay away from them if that is your wish, much as I love them.""Rita," the Warden said, rising from his seat. "We expect you to do just that. If you go anywhere near them, except for your daughter, you will be immediately brought back, in violation of parole. Is this perfectly clear ?"" Yes Sir, " Rita nodded, with a face sincere and sad enough to convince them. She was edgy now. Her freedom was at stake."Leave us now, Rita," the Warden advised her. "We will discuss your parole request and inform you of our decision by the latter part of the week."The news came to Rita as she was folding prison laundry. Her psychologist brought her the answer."Rita, the panel has decided in your favor. I am happy to bring this news and hope you will make a worthwhile life for yourself.""Thanks, Maam, this means so much to me. I won't disappoint you."The therapist smiled, shook her hand and told her to call her if she had any problems. It was done. Rita was free. Her breast swelled with emotion. At long last, her revenge would begin. And after killing those who had rejected her, Rita would be happy. If not, there were always more to kill.

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