Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The new Old age.

It is a priviledge to live during a time when 60+ is no longer old age, but a fresh beginning. We will not escape some ailments along our passage into this new frontier, but it will be manageable as medical advances pop up almost daily.Our children need to look to us, for we, the baby boomers, push forward with renewed zest and dedication. It is our destiny. Never again will there be a group like us. We have changed the past, live the present and intend to promote and protect the future. It was our generation that paved the way,suffering death and tears and struggles to give todays children the things they take for granted. We gladly paid the price. Now we must educate them to understand what we endured that they might be free, well-fed for the most part, with avenues open to then that we only percieved in dreams. In hope that they will carry on the torch for upcoming generations,We were young in our twenties, and thirties, yet more politically aware than any other generation in that age group. Baby boomers believed they could change both the present and the future--each decade of our lives spurring mental and emotional growth. We thought we made a difference. Maybe we did. Maybe not. But we never stopped trying.Now in what was once the twilight of our lives, we are not retiring our convictions. The spark of interest in life that spawned our tumultuous youth has not gone out. We do not quit, we readjust. We do not relax, we regroup our priorities. For us the best is both here and yet to come. Blessed with time, health,and mental accuity, we press on to continue to achieve the goals of our youth. Baby boomers are the personification of what it means to be an active American, taking responsibility for the welfare of our country and loved ones. I am proud to count myself among them.

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